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Aktiviteti i fundit i Shkollës së Magjistraturës - THEMIS Competition 2021

Regional Coordination Meeting 10 November 2016 - National, bilateral and regional projects in judicial training

                                                     10 November 2016
Further to the activities organised by the Regional Cooperation Council, it is holding a regional cooperation meeting on the coordination of the national bilateral and regional projects in the area of judicial training. The meeting is organised in accordance with the platform/network of the judicial training institutions. This will enable peer support in matters related to the training of judges and prosecutors and will generate better understanding of different judicial systems in the region, challenges faced and success achieved. At the same time this platform will improve the communication and mutual cooperation with European judicial training institutions.
Among the objectives of the coordination meeting are: presentation of important projects in their implementation phase, identification and removal of obstacles to achieve the predicted results, and strengthening of the capacity and support to the institution building for the judicial training institutions.