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Continuous training program


Dear honorable judges, prosecutors and legal professionals
Dear honorable experts, facilitators and moderators!

Legal training is a learning process that will continue constantly throughout our lives, as it is a part of everyone’s professional growth. Every day each of us contributes, gives and takes in this process, as it is so complex and comprehensive: we teach others and learn from them. Life today is an exchange of information and knowledge, an enrichment of knowledge, a professional promotion to be successful in the future. Every day you learn from the experiences or conflicts you give solution in courts, prosecutions or institutions where you work, learn from laws, books, but also from the discussions with each other and the exchange of the best unifying practices.

That is the reason why in addition to learning and individual training, the School of Magistrates organizes obligatory courses and seminars of group training provided by law, at least 5 days a year. Even symbolically in 360 days of the year, let's choose according to our needs at least 1% of those days to be a part of this training. Without doubt, our education does not stop here and it is not sufficient, if we really want to grow our knowledge, but anyhow, there is still a good opportunity to share knowledge with our colleagues.

As much experience we have the more confident and mature we feel to give the right solutions to the most brave man, to fight a “duel” against ignorance. Our knowledge and the flexibility to use it with dignity, makes us to have a high consideration for ourselves and others too. However, we should remain modest in our essence and think there is always somewhere, something we do not know yet, a court case or a question that challenges us in our wisdom. This makes us to be mobilized to find a solution or an answer.

The greatest knowledge is to have the courage to admit that there is something I do not know. From this moment will try to find the best solution and in a qualitative manner, you learn to improve yourself. Life is a school and none of us should be ashamed "to sit on its eternal benches”, because ultimately, all of us in a sense would be "lifelong learners." Knowledge grows and matures us, gives us a name, identity, strengthens our personality and character. At the moment we think we know everything and the learning process is over, we mark our greatest ignorance.

With this electronic edition, you have in your hands the fifth Continuous Training Program 2015-2018, of the School of Magistrates of the Republic of Albania. 

Thanks to everyone for the cooperation and support, you remain always welcome for new ideas, comments and suggestions that will enrich and improve this training program and the seminars to meet your practical needs for training.