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Developing societies, like that of ours, that are in the consolidation of the democratic, political important values, and the rule of law, that are in confrontation with significant developing challenges, being important and integrating, have required substantially, increased professionalism, authority, fairness and the justice system performance. Our society needs more judges and prosecutors who enhance the quality of the operation of the justice system, to keep clean the interests of providing justice to spark confidence and optimist among the public about the justice system.

Not only that, but by transmitting professionalism and confidence in the judiciary and its institutions,  a  great service is done to the country and the society, to make easier the transition to a society where the principles of the constitutionalism and the rule of law predominate.
No doubt that, at all this vital contribution, the contribution of the School of Magistrates, through the new graduates or the training of judges and prosecutors, has been essential.
Former President of the Republic
Bamir TOPI
The School of Magistrates is a source of knowledge for further lessons, activities, during which magistrates (judges and prosecutors), gain rich experience and education, that a true democratic society, legal state and the rule of law and rendering justice is sacred. The judges constitute the army of the people worthy and noble in observation of the Constitution, Laws and the regulations of ethics, triumphing over the pressures and the dedications of any purpose.
Shpresa   BEÇAJ
Former Head of the School Board.
Francis Wayland said: “We will be remembered by the things done for themselves and not by what others have done for us”.
The School of Magistrate, although supported by the Council of Europe, is an important investment in our state of the two major areas of the Albanian justice.
Magistrates now for ten years have given significant contribution to the prosecution and the courts of the first two levels, and the School of Magistrates has done all them the members of a collective respect related with its own name.
Kreshnik   SPAHIU
Former Vice Chairman
 “A value that provides the opportunity to throw the steps to professional life with pride and dignity. I wish the School of Magistrates remains so for all generations”.
 Ina Rama
 Former General Prosecutor)
The opening of The School of Magistrates is an important event for the Albanian justice. The model of the School was conceived by combining the best ideas of the Western legal education. Its purpose is to provide practical and effective way for qualified judges and prosecutors and those with new job. There is nothing more important to democracy than the well educated judges, fair and impartial, to act to establish public confidence in the judicial branch. All those who attend this school were given the opportunity to further refine their professional skills. But being a judge and prosecutor is more than professional qualification and appointment in this task. The start of work as a judge or a prosecutor des not make you wise and clever, but these features you must have and continue to make them as much.
Former Chairman of the Board of School.
I feel honored and privileged that for nine years (1999-2008, as an former Chairman of the Board of Director of the School of Magistrates. In the years that we left after, the school was consolidated as a modern institution as a scientific center of the preparation of new judges and prosecutors and training them in office. I am convinced that positive progress to date the School of Magistrates and its sure prospects are a full guarantee for the achievements of the most advanced European standards in the Albanian Justice for the coming years.                                                                     
Thimio KONDI
Former Chairman of the Board of School
It is a great pleasure for me to welcome in the 12th annual of the creation the first School of Magistrates of the Republic of Albania.
The School of Magistrates was founded in 1996, with a special law by the government of that time as a necessity to prepare a new generation of judges and prosecutors, able to respond to new challenges of market economy and strengthen an independent justice according to international standards. The School also intended to continue professional education for judges, prosecutors, and administrative staff of the Justice on news from the field of law and judicial practice.
Opening the School was a real challenge for me personally, to create a confidence that the selection of the first candidates who would have the privilege of sitting in the auditorium of the school. We had to develop a curriculum not simply a repetition of the cases they had studied at the faculty of Law, but a qualitative review and intertwine  of theory with practice court, the introduction of new subjects to answer the country’s stage of development and impartial. After a beat and a serious effort, I believe that the School managed these challenges by performing the first serious test, in which were selected, according the merit, the first 20 candidates who now serve in the highest organs of the state law.
 It was designed a contemporary, with best practices and foreign expertise from the related European and American Schools. The lecturers were the best professional educators selected, native and foreigner ones, in order to increase the academic level, reliability and the seriousness of the school. I believe that this tradition continued in the following years preparing a highly qualified new generation of judges and prosecutors.
All these would not be achieved without the valuable assistance of the Government of Albania, the Council of Europe, the European Community and the government of the United States of America, which I find the occasion to thank wholeheartedly.
I also congratulate all the current and former students of the School of Magistrates, great successes in school and in their professional lives to ensure an independent judiciary, impartial and not compromised, that Albania to be an integral indivisible part of the way to the big the big European family.
Former Director of the School of Magistrates.
Dear all!
I received the invitation to write a dedication to the School of Magistrates of the Republic of Albania with pleasure. This school is very dear to me.
Not everyone has in his professional life the privilege to participate in the creation, growth and consolidation of an institution, and later on to be a careful monitor of its success, as it happened to me with this school. In its 14th year, the School has taken the form of an judicial modern academy, which is considered by community of the prosecutors and judges by the legal community and the wide public.
The contributors to this success are many but I particularly want to mention:
  • The body of teachers and experts, full time and part time ones, with whom I have been lucky to collaborate.
·         All generations of the candidates for Magistrates, who have honored us with their performance in the years of study and during work.
  • The administrative staff facing a very big job working as a team with an important aim, the progress and the success of our school.
  • The international partners of the School for the support given to us.
Legal and judicial reform to a large extend is about changing habits and behavior of the people, often against their own interest. On the base of this reform, remains the main challenge which has to do with the necessity of its carrying out, in order to protect the judicial independence in order to strengthen, at the same time, the accountability of the judges and the transparency of judicial processes and procedures.
Very few people can now reject the view that in the fundamentals of judicial reform stands the judicial education. The product that we want from this training is an improved service toward the community provided by an effective judiciary, competent, and impartial, the performance of which must attract the trust and respect of the people to whom he serves.
It is necessary and important for the judges and prosecutors to be prepared technically, in order to develop their capacity in strengthening their judicial skills, deepen their sense of independence, impartiality and the integrity and fix in mind the nobility of their mission.   
The challenges facing the process of education and professional perfection not only in Albania but also wide are huge. The transformation, the evolutionary and revolutionary processes that are  running the world, the political and economical turbulences, the development of trade, the  technology development and means of communication, wars and illegal trafficking or the extension and strengthening of organized crime, require strong efforts by judges and prosecutors to enhance and sharpen their skills and perfecting their ethics.
I strongly believe that judges and prosecutors have to walk with the time and its challenges, interact with society and its issues. Delivering justice they actively participate in creating the future, in ensuring the security of every citizen and to increasing their wellbeing.
This is the motto that that has served as a guide has and I believe that it will continue to guide the activities of the School of Magistrates.
Arjana Fullani
Former Director of the School of Magistrates
“Justice is not a conscience of a few individuals, but the conscience of all humanity. I think that our mission through the School of Magistrates is to create individuals who will assist creating and raising the consciousness in Albania”.
Former Director of the School of Magistrates
October 2008- February 2009
"The School of Magistrates is the place every student has the ability to understand and realize with dedication, the generosity and the importance of the mission he will accomplish in his country”.
Fatmira LULI
Former Vice Director
Stavri ÇEÇO - Former professor
Dedicated to Stavri Çeço. To all his former students as judges and prosecutors, public defenders. We remember Prof. Stavri Çeço, as a wise and competent and patient professor,  in that size that everybody rarely can face a man like him during his life.
My colleagues and friends remember that Prof. Stavri with respect and love for his human soul of a hard working man and for his advices and his professional and right solution giving to his students.
He remains one of the personalities who gave to the school a good reputation. He supported all the students with his mature thoughts, because of his long professional experience during his life, as well as his background of theoretical experience that was vital, and the practical solution he offered to them.
With his loss, his friends his colleagues and his family, lost one of the dearest person. We do not make a mistake if we say that they lost their brilliant parent, because he was such for many others too.
The staff of School of Magistrates will honor the name of Prof. Stavri, as a unique figure.
He will always be one of the personalities who delivered justice, and for the Albanian School of Magistrates it is a great honor he was a member of its staff.
“At a time when other actors of the Albanian justice, judicial institutions and international organizations have given estimations of different levels for the School of Magistrates, they have given only positive evaluations and this is a real sense of pride for those who have worked and studied in this school, and those who may be called “Friends of School”.
Former professor
“I felt close the formation and the development of the School of Magistrates, being a part of that creation.
The School of magistrates is the most important investment for the continuous progress of the democratization of the Albanian justice.
I have been and remain determined of the opinion that this school provides the main factor for the preparation and professional training of judges and prosecutors.
I feel very happy when I see and hear about the significant progress of the graduated Magistrate, the increase of their professional skills, management of the justice and the law and the development of judicial science.
I felt honored and privileged having the opportunity to be a teacher of this school. Just because this position I remained within the law and given the opportunity to closely follow its development, to help as much as I can for the preparation and the continuous qualification of judges and prosecutors of the country.
 I tried to transmit theoretical and practical knowledge to the magistrates, but during this process I have developed and enriched my knowledge. In this sense I can say with conviction that the School of Magistrates has been a school for me.”
“For the institution that tries hard maximally to prepare magistrates to be able to meet the present challenges of the Justice for the present and the European Future of the Republic of Albania.
Honestly, I felt and continue to feel privileged to be part of the academic staff of the School of magistrates, since the foundation.  
Ardian KALIA  
“My cooperation with the School of magistrates started since 1997.
Throughout these years, the School of Magistrates has done a good, persistent and professional work during the initial training of judges and prosecutors. It has come to be one of the most successful institutions of the justice system. 
I wish to the school great and further successes in the service of strengthening the confidence of the citizens to justice.
“The School of Magistrate, more than the model of training professionals with the highest quality of professionalism, brought in the Albanian judiciary, the reassessment of the professional to be provided as a part of the structure of courts and prosecution bodies in order to have a successful career in these state institutions.
 Vangjel KOSTA
“The values of the school are reflected on the professionalism of the magistrates; so, all of us feel proud of being a part of this school”. 
 Perikli ZAHARIA
“After many decades without a professional school for the main actors in of the justice system, judges and prosecutors, now that the school of magistrates has reached 12 years old, it is evident the necessity of having this school, which is now the temple of legal knowledge and understand the gap between the former and present judges.
On this occasion, I wish you all those who have something to say, better than anyone, that reading your opinions, helps us, because it is clearly felt that the word of a real professional really carries weight.
“It is obvious that the School of Magistrates was a success and an irreplaceable value of the Albanian reality during these last years. Its role in the preparation and qualification of the judicial actors and the justice system with a contemporary knowledge in Albania continuous to remain essential and very important. And it is certainly accomplished through a serious job and a highly qualified staff.
The collaboration with the School of Magistrates is for me a special privilege and pleasure”..
Xhezair Zaganjori
It was a pleasure to work with the students of this school. They were not only students but also opponents. For me it was an incomparable experience and a privilege at the same time”.
Tefta Zaka
"Allow me, on this anniversary of the School of Magistrates, to give my best congratulations to all the staff and the collaborators over the years, especially the students. I am proud of the achievements to date in their noble duty and for the cooperation with the School. I am confident that this memorial will serve to reflect and increase the responsibilities in exercising the duty and the professionalism of the judges and prosecutors, as the best means for fighting for the independence of the judiciary and against the corruption.
Prof. Dr. Aurela ANASTASI
“It is the only institution where you can find spiritual tranquility as professional and spiritual tranquility as a citizen which means that if you require a perfect model of professionalism and correctness, you can find it  only in the School of Magistrates of the Republic of Albania.  
Z. Maksim Haxhia
I would like to formulate the dedication to the School of Magistrates and in particular for its students, in this way:
“The level of our culture does not depend on the amount of knowledge, but by understanding and putting into life what we have learned in the school”.
"I am proud of being a part of this school. I will always support its success and the students graduated in years”.
Judge (Member)
“Every generation has its time, and for us the first generation of the School of Magistrates ten years ago, the School of Magistrates gave us the opportunity to start a new time for our the justice system””.
"The School of Magistrates has played an important role in enhancing the quality of the Judiciary in the Republic of Albania. The implementation of the initial program has resulted very successful, as judges who have completed studies in this school have conducted a new spirit in the courts they are assigned. No less fruitful have been the application of continuous training of judges where the encouragement of the debate among the participants has made possible the judicial issues to be treated in a detailed manner.
Valbona VATA
“I dedicate all my achievements to my parents’ love and care. Respect and gratitude to the teachers of the School of Magistrates and to all my professors for their work and continuous devotion to my professional training”.”.
“My great respect and gratitude for the School of Magistrates. It is the institution which serves as “an engine” of the Justice System reform in Albania. The professionalism and the objectivity of the school of Magistrates must serve to all the professionals in the field of justice as a good example to be followed in carrying out their duty”.
  • International partners
My one and a half year experience with Albania and in particular with the Albanian School for Magistrates was  memorable and one which is very dear to me, for I enjoyed the warm welcome, the nice people and the hard working  but friendly atmosphere. I wish you every success in the future! 
  Justice and fairness. These are the warm, stimulating and ethically engaging words which can adequately describe the  atmosphere in the Albanian School of Magistrates that I had the occasion to live in 2003 and 2004 as resident expert of  the Council of Europe. Justice an fairness of the staff, of the teachers, of the students and trainees that attended the    School in those years; they all made my activity an unforgettable experience".