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Aktiviteti i fundit i Shkollës së Magjistraturës - THEMIS Competition 2021

Recognitions criteria of the examination of professional capacities

In the application of the Law no.179/b/4 of the Constitution of the Republic of Albania, of the Article 42 of the Law no. 84/2016, on the transitory re-evaluation of judges and prosecutors in the Republic of Albania, as well as of the Article 165 of the Law no. 96/2016, on the status of judges and prosecutor in the Republic of Albania, all legal advisors close to the Constitutional Court and close to the High Court, legal assistants close to the General Attorney and close to the Administrative Courts of the first instance and of the appeal, inspectors in the Justice High Council, who do not have the status of the judge or of the prosecutor, as well as former advisors of judges in the Constitutional Court and in the High Court, who have at least 5 years of professional experience in the field of law, by including at least 3 years as advisors or legal assistants in courts, have the right to take part in the test of professional capacities of the above-mentioned subjects, organized by the School of Magistrates.
The interested candidates have to fill the application form that is downloaded here …(the application form is here ... )
The interested candidates, along with the application form have to present the following documents:
  1. Personal data (CV).
  2. A photocopy of the identity card.
  3. The form of the self-declaration of the judicial status.
  4. The work booklet which confirms the period of work experience, (a notarized copy).
The test of professional capacities will be organized in the written form on two phases.
The First phase will be structured in the form of questions with alternatives, through which are tested knowledge of intellectual, language and professional general character. The answers will be given systematically, without words, according to the scan tron technique.
The Second Phase will be the Professional Test which has practical-theoretical nature and includes a theoretical question, as well as three cases from judicial practice, respectively from the field of private law (civil law, family law, labour law, trade law) as well as from civil procedural law; from the field of criminal law and of criminal procedure; as well as from the field of administrative law and of public law (constitutional law, human rights law, international law, EU legislation).
In all the phases of the organization of the recognition’s examination candidates must hold the identity card document.
The program of the examination of professional capacities is in the official internet page of the School of Magistrates from November 2017, in the rubric, Reevaluation program (Vetting). The program of the test responds to both phases of the test: The test of intelligence, The Albanian Language, Psychology and Communication, The EU’s legislation, International relations, Comparative Law (General Principles), History, Professional Ethics, The Constitutional Law, The Civil Law and the Law of Obligations, Civil Procedure, The Penal Law, The Penal Procedure, The Administrative Law, The Family Law, Trade Law, The Labour Law.