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Formimi fillestar i kandidatëve për magjistratë përfshin një periudhë tre vjecare që përbëhet nga:...

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Në kuadër të përmbushjes së misionit të saj Shkolla e Magjistraturës ofron formimin e ...

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Aktiviteti i fundit i Shkollës së Magjistraturës - THEMIS Competition 2021

Policies of privacy of the School of Magistrates

In the context of the usage of the official internet website www.magjistratura.edu.al, the School of Magistrates may collect directly, through the access in online services: the application for training activities, the entrance into e-learning system, or indirectly (the IP address of your computer) data of personal character, that are recorded in its systems or in those of the providers of the service authorized from it. The completion of these data is willingly.
Data subjects give their agreement on their further processing by completing willingly the data and later by clicking the entrance button.
The School of Magistrates collects and elaborates the data only for the accomplishment of its mission. At the same time, it takes all the necessary precautions to guard confidentiality as well as the protection from loss, elimination, damage or unauthorized sharing, in accordance with Law no. 9887, date 10.3.2008, “On the protection of personal data”, changed.
Personal data subjects have the right to ask for access into their data and to demand the correction or the refreshment of these data in accordance with the requirements of Chapter V of the Law no. 9887, date 10.3.2008 “On the protection of personal data”, changed. The request may be sent to the address: info@magjistratura.edu.al .
Data subjects have the right of the refusal of agreement for the collection and the usage of their data voluntarily notified.
In every instant, after the user gives voluntarily the required information in specific areas, he has the right, through a request to the School of Magistrates, of access into these data as well as the right to pretend their correction.
Perseverance, treatment and elaboration of these data is done in accordance with the law no. 9887, date 10.03.2008, “On the protection of personal data”, and in accordance with sublegal act for its application. Becoming familiar to the content of this rubric, data subjects have accepted conditions and terms on policies of privacy of the School of Magistrates.