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iPROCEEDS: Regional Training of Trainers on cybercrime, electronic evidence and online crime proceeds

                                     Budva, June 2017
Under the iPROCEEDS project a five days Training of Trainers on delivery of the introductory training module on cybercrime, electronic evidence and online crime proceeds has started today.
It aims to establish a pool of national trainers who will be able to instruct their peers in the introductory skills and knowledge required to fulfill their respective roles and functions in cases of cybercrime, electronic evidence and search, seizure and confiscation of online crime proceeds.
The course is based on the training materials developed by the Council of Europe and it has been designed to provide judges and prosecutors an introductory level of knowledge on cybercrime, electronic evidence and search, seizure and confiscation of online crime proceeds.
The action involves judges and prosecutors aspiring to become trainers for their peers from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, “the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”, Turkey and Kosovo*.
A multinational team of experts from Croatia, Ireland, Slovenia and the United Kingdom leads the training.
Nigel JONES, expert of the Council of Europe, highlighted that the training: "... covers the subjects of cybercrime, electronic evidence and online proceeds of crime, and is an opportunity to bring together some of the key challenges facing criminal justice systems in today's world. This initiative continues the aim of their capacity building programmes to deliver the most relevant training subjects.  Key to success is sustainability; by also incorporating a training skills element to the training. This combination of subjects will ensure the delegates are best placed to train their peers at the national level.  At the end of the course each of the seven participating countries will have four new trainers. The iPROCEEDS project will also support the delivery of the national level training and ensure consistency by auditing the national programme."