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Aktiviteti i fundit i Shkollës së Magjistraturës - THEMIS Competition 2021

Visit of the delegation of the Albanian Magistrates School of Albania in the Academy of Justice of the Republic of Kosovo

6-8 April 2017
In framework of the cooperation with the Academy of Justice of the Republic of Kosovo, a delegation of the School of Magistrates of Albania made a study visit to this academy on invitation of its head, Mr. Besim Morina.
The visit was held during the period 6-8 April 2017 and will consist in meetings and exchange of experiences about the different processes of recruitment, training and requalification of judges and prosecutors in both countries.
During the stay in Prishtina, the AMS delegation held different meetings in the Academy of Justice, Prosecutorial Council, National Judicial Council and the Court of Appeal. At the same time, on the ocassion of 9th anniversary of the approval of the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo and on invitation of the Dean of the Law Faculty, the delegation participated in the seminar on “Constitutional Adaptions and the Justice Reforms: case of Kosovo and Albania”, which was organized by the Law Faculty in coordination with the Constitutional and Administrative Chair of this Faculty in cooperation with the Albanian Magistrates School. The seminar treated the challenges of adapting the Constitution and the justice reforms in Kosovo and Albania, in the context of current developments, where different speakers from Albania and Kosovo held their speeches.