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Get notified all the interested ones, who desire to compete into the School of Magistrates, that:
On the application of the law 115/2016 “On the organs of the management of the justice system”, of the law 96/2016 “On the status of judges and prosecutors in the Republic of Albania”, and of the Regulation of the School of Magistrates, starts the registration for the competition of recognition for the academic year 2017-2018, which will be done on the month of April 2017.
The number of vacancies for recognition in the Program of the Initial Formation  for the academic year 2017-2018, established according to the article 285, point  3 of the law 115/2016 “On the organs of the management of the justice system”, will be 25 candidates for magistrate, of whom 15 judges and 10 prosecutors.
Period of registration is going to be February 1st – February 28th 2017 close to the scientific secretary of the School from 9.00 up to 14.00.
The candidate who is going to be registered into the recognition’s examination must meet the following conditions:
  1. Might have a complete capacity to act;
  2. Might be an Albanian citizen;
  3. Might have completed the second cycle of university studies for justice, of “Master of science” diploma, or equivalent to it, according to the definitions of the legislation on the high education”, referring to the article 124 of the law no. 80/2015 “On the high education”. Their graduation has to be based in the completion of a program in accordance with the 5-year Bologna’s system, or to have been graduated as “Jurist” on a university diploma gained before the adaption of studies according to Bologna’s system in a 4-year program, which is equivalent with an “Integrated Diploma of the Second Level, (IDSL)”;
  4. The general average grade might be over 8 (eight), on the condition of not falling down this grade even the average of the grades of the group of the main subjects, where get included: The Civil and Obligation Law, The Penal Law, (General and Specific Part), Civil Procedure, Penal Procedure, Administrative Law and Constitutional Law. For those graduated as "Jurist" in university programs in foreign language, is anticipated a score of difficulty equivalent with 1.2 which will poise their factual average grade.
  5. Might have accomplished, in minimal points established from the School of Magistrates, university  studies for justice in a member country of the European Union and might have gained a diploma equivalent to it, according to the definitions of high education legislation”, equivalenced according to the rules for the equality of diplomas envisaged through the law:
  6. Might have at least three years of full time active professional experience, after the graduation in the complete cycle of university studies, in the judicial or prosecutorial system, in public administration, free legal professions, lecture-giving in justice faculties, or in every other position in equivalence with them, in the private sector or in international organizations;
  7. Might not be condemned  by an in effect penal sentence;
  8. Might not be removed from duty for disciplinary causes, as well as might not have received disciplinary precautions in force;
  9. Might not be member of political parties in the time of candidating;
  10. Might not have  been member, collaborator or favourised from State Security before the year 1990;
  11. Might not have  been collaborator, informer, or agent of secret services;
  12. Might not have competed into the School of Magistrates up to three times, starting from the academic year 2011-2012. 
The candidate for registering must present the following documents, or their notarized copies:
  1. Personal request where are presented the causes of the motivation to follow the Program of the Initial Training, the request for the chosen profile as judge, prosecutor. The request is completed in the unique form spread by the School of Magistrates.
  2. University and post university diplomas of the followed studies;
  3. Evidences/certificates of the English Language Proficiency on the basis of the international tests recognized from the Ministry of Education and Sport. The knowledge of the English language has to be at least in the basic level, for IELTS 5.0 points, TOEFL 35-40 points, and so on in analogy with them, etc.;
  4. Life description;
  5. identity card;
  6. self-declaration of the judicial status;
  7. Legal-medical report  for his general and specialized capability in the context of the accomplishment of the duty as magistrate;
  8. Evidences, certifications and recommendations from persons or institutions of work during the three last years;
  9. Recommendation by the last employer, which verify that is not removed from duty for disciplinary  causes, as well as not having disciplinary precaution in force;
  10. Declaration which verifies of not being member of political parties in the time of candidating;
  11. Declaration of not having been  member, collaborator or favourised from State Security before the year 1990; as well as of not having been collaborator, informer, or agent of secret services;
  12. Employment record book which evidences the period of work seniority.
  13. A photography
  14. Payment bill of registering in the sum of 10.000 lekë close to Raiffeisen Bank, in the account of the School of Magistrates. 
Within the date of March 15th, the School of Magistrates, through a commission constructed for the verification of the above documents, makes a preliminary evaluation, if the candidate meets the criteria of candidating. The School has the right of verification chiefly of the verity of documents presented from candidates; it also has the right to require supplementary information.
The First phase will be the selecting phase and will be accomplished on 21.04.2017. The exact time and place of the examination will be notified publicly into our official website. www.magjistratura.edu.al
The candidates who get qualified into the first phase, who have collected not less than 60 % of the points, have to pass into the second phase of the recognition’s examination, in the Professional Test.
The Second Phase will be the Professional Test and the competitors qualified for this phase will be notified on the date and the place of the accomplishment of the Professional Test.
Winning candidates of the Professional Test, ranked in the first 25 positions, might pass into an examination on mental and psychological health.
This test will be accomplished close to the School of Magistrates in the course of some days, which will be announced for winning candidates after the annunciation of the results of the second phase.
In all the phases of the organization of the recognition’s examination candidates must hold the identity card document.
The extraction of the program (where you will find even the list of the subjects which will serve as basis for the test) is going to be done close to the scientific secretary of the School.
The program of the test responds to both phases of the test: The test of intelligence, The Albanian Language, Psychology and Communication, The EU’s legislation, International relations, Comparative Law (General Principles), History, Professional Ethics, The Constitutional Law, The Civil and Commercial Law, Civil Procedure, The Penal Law, The Penal Procedure, The Administrative Law, The Family Law, The Labour Law.
For more information visit our internet page: www.magjistratura.edu.al
Or contact with the School of Magistratesthrough Phone Numbers: (04) 2468824; 2468825, 2468827/221 as well as through the e-mail address info@magjistratura.edu.al
We wish you success!