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General Assembly of the European Judicial Training Network EJTN

Amsterdam 9-10 June 2016
The European Judicial Training Network of the European Union, in collaboration with the Training and Study Center for the Judiciary (SSR) of the Netherlands, organized in Amsterdam during 9-10 June 2016 the Meeting of the its General Assembly.
Seeing the importance of the integration into the structures and the organisms of the European Union, the School had previously applied to receive the Status of an Observer Country in this European Network. Invited by the EJTN, the School was represented in this activity from the School Direcor, Mr. Sokol Sadushi and the Responsible for the Professional Training, Mr. Ador Koleka.
Apart from treating different issues of the network activity, the focus of the meeting was also on the approval of the application of the Albanian Magistrates School to participate in the network in the capacity of the Observer Country, an application which, after of the presentation of the School, was unanimously approved by all members states of the network, making the school the newest member with the Observant Status.
During the two day meeting, different interesting issues were treated like:
-          Professional training activities held for a year
-          Network partnerships and the collaboration with them
-          The network strategic plan, and
-          Judicial training principles
The meeting ended with the working groups on different issues like judicial training methods, exchange programs, linguistics and the criminal and administrative law; and the elections and composition to serve for the mandate March 2017 – December 2019.