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 The Handbook on Effective Asset Recovery in Compliance with European and International Standards provides with a comprehensive overview of the international and European standards on the confiscation of the proceeds of crime and corruption, outlines the work of the Council of Europe monitoring bodies in respect of these standards and examines the safeguards developed by the European Court of Human Rights in applying the European Convention on Human Rights. It also contains an extensive overview of the national legislation of all Western Balkan jurisdictions and provides with an explanation of the concept of extended confiscation in comparative perspective. 
Tools and Best Practices for International Asset Recovery Cooperation Handbook aims to assist asset recovery practitioners to conduct effective international asset recovery by providing best practice guidance for international cooperation. It contains relevant international and European asset recovery legislation, standards and mechanisms for international cooperation, and is a practical hands-on tool for investigators, prosecutors, judges and other institutions involved in asset tracing and identification, freezing and seizure, confiscation, including extended and non-conviction based confiscation and international asset disposal.
Both publications have been developed and published within the framework of a 2-year regional project “Strengthening anti-corruption in the South East Europe through improving asset recovery measures” funded by the UK Government. The project is implemented by the Advice on Individual Rights in Europe (the AIRE Centre) and the Regional Anticorruption Initiative (RAI). The handbooks aim to support and encourage prosecutors, judges and practitioners from Western Balkan region who work in the field of asset recovery to apply in practice the existing asset recovery legislation, tools and mechanisms.