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Internal Regulations Of The School Library


In the application of law no. 8576, date 03.02.2006 "On the Libraries in the Republic of Albania " changed by law no. 9217, date 08.04.2004 "On some additions and changes in law no. 8576, date 03.02.2006 " On the Libraries in the Republic of Albania " is written and approved this regulation composed as follows:

Article 1
The Library of the School of Magistrates intends to serve to the  candidates for magistrates, to the academic staff, to the administrative staff and to the Director of the School with affluent and contemporary literature in the ground of jurisprudence, in the assistance of the education process and of other activities, for which is engaged the school.
Classified as a special library, the Library of the School of Magistrates functions on the basis of this Internal Regulation, which imposes the normative rules of different subjects in relation to the library, arranges the relation between them and establishes duties and responsibilities of the personnel of the library.
Article 2
The Library offers service every day from Monday up to Friday in the official time of work of the School of Magistrates.
To the members of the library is put in disposal all the collections of the fund of library.
For the collection of periodicals, dissertations and titles in disposal only in one copy is offered reading to the reading hall and borrowing is prohibited.
To the users of the library is offered free photocopy up to 15 pages of material for different titles. From this service is excluded the collection of dissertations (Themes of the candidates for magistrate of the second year.). The bibliographic description of each material in the fund of the library is accessible online in the common COBISS.al catalogue, part of the digital platform for cataloguing and common COBISS.net bibliographic description. Read more...