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6 october 2020 / Notification for a vacancy as internal lecturer in the School of Magistrates

The Steering Council  

The Steering Council of the School of Magistrates of the Republic of Albania notifies a vacancy, as internal lecturer in the School of Magistrates. Because of the necessities of the justice system for magistrates (judges, prosecutors), the Steering Council considers that applicants for the vacancy of the internal lecturer have to be from the ranks of well-known professionals of judicial, academic grounds, etc. Criteria of the selection of winning candidates are established in the Article 264, of law no. 115/2016, on the organs of the management of the justice system, as well as in the Article 66 and Annex 11 of the Internal Regulation of the School of Magistrates. The law anticipates that internal professors are elected from the group of the most prominent jurists:
 Of over 15 years experience as jurists, judges, prosecutors, lawyers;
 Of lecture-giving experience as internal lecturer in the university system; or
 As external/internal lecturers in the School of Magistrates of over 10 years experience.
Applicants have to file to the Secretary of the School of Magistrates, their request and the attached documents up to 27.10.2020. Every applicant has to take from the secretary of the School, the number of registration in protocol of the application request.