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  • Training session October 15, 2018
The School of Magistrates in cooperation with EURALIUS, organized today on October 15, 2018 the workshop, on the organization and the evaluation of the activities of mentoring during the professional practice in the third year of the Initial Training in the School of Magistrates.
The aim of the organization of this workshop, was the analysis of the main options for the application of the new model of professional practice and mentoring activities during the third year of the initial training in the School of Magistrates, as well as the suggestion of solutions based on the best existing European practices, including the Handbook on Judicial Training Methodology in Europe, (2016) of the European Judicial Training Network (EJTN), adapted to the new legislation already in force.
In this workshop took part judges/prosecutors of the First Instance Court/Prosecution of Tirana as well as judges of the First Instance Administrative Court of Tirana, who have been mentoring magistrates according to the anticipations of the Law no. 96/2016.
In panel were representatives of EURALIUS, Mr. Idlir Peçi and Mrs. Aulona Hazbiu as well as lecturers of the School of Magistrates, Mr. Arben Rakipi, Mr. Sokol Berberi and Mr. Dashamir Kore.
  • Training session - October 15 -16, 2018
The School of Magistrates in cooperation with SIDA, in the context of the program on Criminal Juvenile Justice, entitled, “The consolidation of the capacities of law implementing agencies and of Albanian courts to accomplish the international standards of human rights on juvenile  justice,” organized on  October 15 -16, 2018 to Hotel Tirana International, the training activity on theme, “The application of measure and prevention as well as juvenile convictions according to  Juvenile Crime Law Code.”

The main objective of this training activity is the consolidation of the capacities of law implementing agencies and of Albanian courts to fulfill the international standards on human rights. The program is unique because is based on an integrated approach that includes all the agencies and courts of justice chain. Training is focused on the exchange of experience and of ideas for the application of Juvenile Crime Law Code so that to have a uniform practice.
Examples from Swedish practice are used to encourage and simulate the process of education between colleagues. A summary of the examples from the application of juvenile convictions according to the sentences of the Albanian courts in the spring of 2018 is part of discussions in this training activity. 

Methodology based on judicial matters and work in groups will be used to share ideas and to come in conclusions for the application of the measure of prevention and practices of conviction.

In this activity take part judges/prosecutors (juvenile session) of Courts/Prosecutions in Appeal/First Instance.

In panel there are experts as follows:
SIDA experts: Mikael Sëahn,  Nicklas Englund.
SchM experts: Joana Qeleshi, Elina Kombi.