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Mid-Term Strategy of the School of Magistrates 2019-2023

1.1.            INTRODUCTION

In 21 years of activity and operation, the School of Magistrates has laid the foundations of the justice system through the preparation of judges and prosecutors to a higher professional, ethical and moral standard, as well as the creation of a new culture and physiognomy on the model new magistrate.
As a fully independent institution comprised of the most prominent jurisprudence professors and magistrates, who managed to maintain their integrity and bring the practice experience and the principle of academic freedom, the School of Magistrates has aimed at selecting the best teaching modules, which undoubtedly have contributed to the enhancement of the quality and professionalism of young magistrates. It is the only institution that provides professional training for judges and prosecutors on duty, fulfilling the legal obligation for their continuing training through a rich program and scientific methods.
The continued aid and the incredibly important contribution that international organizations have provided has been and remains a determining factor for highlighting the School of Magistrates as an elite institution of knowledge, but also as one of the few, appreciated bodies within the criticized justice system. It has been this activity appreciated over the years that has served to set up the Magistrates' School at the level of a constitutional institution, ranking next to the new organs of the justice system governance.
After two decades of activity, at the stage in which the justice system finds itself, it is up to the School of Magistrates to write the history of a new justice that is based on the principles of independence, accountability, transparency and efficiency and that will guarantee fundamental human rights and freedoms. It is the direct responsibility of the School of Magistrates to increase the trust of Albanian citizens in the training of the magistrates who should guarantee the independence of the justice system and the well-functioning of the rule of law. 
We are witnessing what is happening to the justice system in Albania. Following the constitutional changes and the adoption of laws on judicial reform, the School of Magistrates functions and carries on its activity with more challenges and greater responsibilities. Any lawyer seeking to be part of the justice system has no other entry gateway, except for the School of Magistrates.
In accordance with the directions and objectives of the Justice Reform, the School of Magistrates has the functional duty not only to ensure the initial and continuous training of magistrates (judges and prosecutors), but also the provision of initial and continuous training programs, suitable for different categories of jurists, including state attorneys, legal assistants, and chancellors in the courts and prosecutors. The role of the School of Magistrates in the process of selecting the representatives of the High Judicial Council and the High Prosecutorial Council, as well as the presence of the heads of these bodies in its Steering Council, create all the necessary legal space for having a cooperation to exchange experiences and to present needs and requirements in the successful fulfillment of institutional tasks. Reading more...